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Bendable Faux Stone

Weathered Stone® is the most exciting faux stone / faux leather product to be introduced to the home market in years!

This hand made patented faux stone replica can cost-effectively turn any wall, countertop, floor, ceiling, molding, interior or exterior into a true stone replica so authentic most will never know it is not real!

Exterior Grade

Weathered Stone® is the culmination of over 15 years of research and development. Using proprietary powdered stone this hand cast material can achieve up to 11% elasticity while still maintaining up to 4000 psi! Only 1/32" thick Weathered Stone overcomes many of the problems associated with installing natural stone or stained concrete overlays. It can be installed over existing concrete, wood, and even existing tile. After installation an additional penetrating sealer is applied making Weathered Stone waterproof and UV proof. It is the perfect faux stone option for exterior walls, walkways, floors, showers, and even swimming pool projects.

Interior Grade

The virtue of Weathered Stone® interior is how it achieves authenticity as it is installed. While wet, Weathered Stone® interior becomes pliable, the result is a sheet of faux stone that can be molded, bent, and shaped around any surface. As the glue dries the installed faux stone pieces become solid. The final step of grouting the seams gives the installed product added depth, delivering a realistic stone look to any surface.

"The World's ONLY Bendable Stone"